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Teddy Gorman’s zestful embrace of what lies ahead and roving appetite to make a big impact on his adopted city more than qualifies him for his leadership spot on the Greater Memphis Chamber’s young professional council. As part of the executive team for SoundCheck, the curly-headed sales director for construction equipment supplier Gorham/Schaffler Inc. found [...] Read more
Kayla Rodriguez Graff thrives on activity, and these days the young entrepreneur is on fire. Her considerable energies are focused on her work as COO of a startup with a cool product and her passion for Memphis, blended in with her recent marriage and membership in SoundCheck, where she recently joined the leadership team. As [...] Read more
At 27, Brea Bowers already has an impressive list of career achievements and community contributions on her resume. However, when it comes to discussing them, the accomplished young professional is not one to toot her own horn. Refreshingly, a conversation with Bowers is governed by the overarching characteristics of humility, gratitude and servitude. While business [...] Read more

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